Groundhog Day Storm! Snow Day!

Groundhog day 2011! What will Punxsutawney Phil predict??

We didn’t get as much snow as predicted but the blowing and drifting has created havoc on th roads. Equals: snow day for all!!

But rewind – this past week was birthday week! First the hubby, birthday January 31:

Not bad for 52, baby!!

February 1, pre-Groundhog Day – Philip turned 18!

Which leads to a birthday Scavenger Hunt!!

Clues were embedded in a photo taken of Philip when he was much younger!

Some clues easier than others to find!


Lookin Good Dude!

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Alma College Scholars Summit

Where is Alma College? Well, in Alma, Michigan of course!!

Alma, Michigan is one hour north of the state capital of Lansing, in the center of the lower peninsula. 

 The day before we left we learned that Philip had been awarded Alma’s most prestigious academic award – the Trustee Honors Scholarship – that recognizes students on their record of achievements throughout highschool. He was invited to the Alma College Scholars Summit, to interview for additional scholarship opportunities.

We drove to Alma Friday night to be well rested and ready for the big day on Saturday. No sooner did we get there when the tennis coach called to invite Philip to meet the team.

The day was totally awesome! We were welcomed at the Ocar Remick Heritage Center for the Performing Arts with a beautiful buffet, linen table clothes and fresh flowers, along with a planned prgram for the day.

And finally meeting Coach Sandros!

Lastly, adding the tennis team as new Facebook friends!

I’m putting my money on this one!!!

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Late to the Party!

OK, so call it late but I finally have my New Years resolutions! Complements of “ME” movement at I have 3 main health and wellness goals that I actually started over the holiday season but pledge to commit to them throughout 2011. Here they are:

1. Nutrition Goal: I will set aside 2 hours of planning/week for meals.

2. Exercise Goal: I will exercise 5 days a week either running or doing an On Demand Exercise TV.

3. Stress Management: I will dedicate 20 minutes every day for me time.

Talk about Comcast On Demand – LOVE IT!! Check this out:

I’m working it!! I’m doing it!!!

So’s Ellie, on her own personal mat!!

Downward facing CAT!!

Nomis Day!

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Home to Boyne Mountain!

Yeh! That’s what I’m talking about!

Home away from home! Not too bad having this in your backyard!!

or this:


Excellent Cross Country Skiing on Vistas!


As always Boyne knows how to celebrate New Years Eve!!!

Great fireworks display from the comforts of our own private balcony!




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Post Christmas Party


Philip has his second annual holiday party with all his friends!

And more friends!

and more friends!


and more friends!

jammin with Dad!

or just hanging out.


fun times!

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Christmas Time!

Ready for Christmas! Ready for Santa!

Had fun with a Treasure Hunt for presents!

Santa took a picture of a snowman, with printed clues to form a puzzle. Philip had to guess the meaning of the clues to locate his presents around the house. Lots of fun finding a gift under the Van Gogh, and Ricky Bobby’s baby Jesus.

And I got to enjoy my new 60mm lens! Thank you Santa!

Christmas was quiet and relaxing – just what we all wanted!


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Winter Wonderland

Definitely into the holiday frenzy! But all is well since there’s help with decorating!!

All while watching one of our favorite Chirstmas movies: Love Actually!

Love, love, love!!!

With Ellie, Santa’s Helper!! HA!

And the best is yet to come! Looks like we’re going to have a White Christmas! (Another favorite Chirstmas movie!)

Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow!!!

Now for last minute shopping!

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