3 Way Pizza

So its been a tradition for like forever that we have pizza on Fridays. I remember asked Philip innocently years ago, “So what do you want for dinner tonight?” (Tonight being Friday) He looked at me, the way a young child looks at his mom when clearly he thinks she has lost her mind, and said, “MOM! It’s Friday – Pizza Night!” So there you have it, every Friday, without fail – it’s PIZZA!

So I wanted to change it up a bit. I’d heard that Trader Joe’s had THE BEST pizza crust. So finally made it to TJ and picked me up some whole wheat pizza dough. We divided the dough in 3 peices and everyone got to make their own – their way. Just layed out a bunch of toppings, and have at it!

My Pizza:

 Sauted pear and red onion with arugula and pesto, topped with goat cheese.

Hubby’s pizza:


Pizza sauce, sauted onions, mushrooms, pine nuts and arugula with shaved parm on top.

He loved it!

And Philip’s pizza – the more traditional – although I did make it healthier by using orgainic chicken sausage instead of pepperoni! HA!

There you go! Three way Pizza!

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