Apps are IN!!

You are encouraged to START EARLY on getting college applications submitted. We actually thought we had a leg-up by doing our research and selecting a few colleges to visit last winter and spring. We toured Alma, Adrian, Grand Valley, Kalamazoo, Western, and Albion.

Summer hit and no work was done. Senior year started with a rush of “other” activities – still no activity on the apps. Enter College Planner, Tim Parros, to help get the momentum going. Ten colleges were selected, 4 on the Common Application, 6 individual apps. The individual ones ended up being the easiest to complete. Alma, Western, Grand Valley, Saginaw Valley State, Wayne State and the University of Toledo, were sent out on schedule. Lo and behold, the first college we toured was the first to respond with a “Dear Phil, Congratulations”!  Alma College made a pretty sweet offer!

Back to the Common App; easier said then done. Deadlines came and went as more essays were discovered embedded in the app! First November 1, then the 13th came and went. By the 18th, I thought they were all done, but no, we still had to submit ACT scores! Finally: November 20, 2010 APPS ARE DONE!!

Now the waiting begins. Looking for scholarships to be offerred! Phil is going to design an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of everything; and a better filing system than the dining room table!

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