Small Change


Why do people resist change? That’s a question I struggle with everyday. Why does one feel they can’t change the bad behaviors that have led them to develop hypertension, diabetes and obesity. I challenge you: this does not have to be your lot in life! One can make positive changes. You have it within you! Some basics:

*Be active! Look for ways to be more active EveryDay!

* Eat Well! Eat less (NO) processed foods! Nitrates and processing distroys foods and plays havoc on your body.

*Select whole grains over white refined. Fill up on fiber, phytochemicals and other good nutrients.

*Be creative with vegetables – no rules here!

*Include beans every day. Bean salad, bean burritos, baked beans All good!

Pretty basic – heh?!? Then why is it deemed so impossible?

Speaking of change:  I think back near the end of summer, “no don’t go summer! You were way to short!” There’s a wee bit sense of dread: change

What if trees didn’t change color? Lose their leaves? Hibernate, to grow again…Enjoying the beautiful seasonal changes that are special to Michigan.

We had an awesome storm with high winds roll through here this past week. Can you notice the small change?






Change is beautiful!






Keeping up with all those leaves coming down! Gotta go rake! Get some good healthy exercise!! Enjoy your beautiful day!











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