Taking the day off!

Sometimes ya just have to do it! Take a break! It so happens that my sis Barby and husband Pete were planning on coming to visit. Well, they didn’t quite make it. Car broke down in Freemont, Indiana. Where the heck is that and what the heck is there to do there? Well, it’s just down the road a piece from Grosse Ile – depending on if you go by way of Toledo – 3 hrs with construction 😦 – or 2 speeding across I94. So speed I did. That’s the where, now the what:

Wine Tasting!!!! (My sister knows me tooo well!!)



Satek Winery was too good to us! Who’d a guessed that I’d fall for the Raspberry Dessert Wine? Well everything goes great with chocolate –

 and they sell that too! Delish!!


So what do you think happens when you’re 120 miles from home, in a place you’ve never been before, let alone heard of before? You run into people from home of course! My friends from Rapunzel’s Tower were bellied up to the bar as well!! HA!

 Turns out little Freemont has a big lake with cute cottages to vacation at!

This week was chock-full of tennis and Leagues. This weeked is Trenton Honor & Glory. But first HOMECOMING!!!!

Got to go get ready for parade and football game tonight. Go GI vs SMCC!

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