Bump in the Road

Knew it would happen sooneer or later – everyone had a sucky day! Never works well when you don’t have someone to pull you back up! Got to work on turning that frown upside down!!

 Week started out good. GI vs Airport. Team won!

Also made an awesome Caprese salad complements of Sabrina at rhodeygirltests! Thanks Sabrina, it was a big hit at the baby shower we had at work. Oh, and had some help getting it made!


I attended a college planning course by Parros College Planning, and got totally overwhelmed. Looks like we should have started earlier to plan for this. All is not lost! There’s still hope that Philip will get to go to the college of his choice, and more importantly that we’ll be able to afford it! Have another meeting to include the family to get everyone on board and working together again! We now have deadlines, and the good news is we’ll know by March.  Stay tuned!

Heading to Trenton Invitational Band Competition. Should be fun! More pictures to come!

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