This could be the start of something new!

Friday seems like a good day to start something new! Since September is the start of a new school year, let’s begin! I thought it would be fun to chronicle the next 12 months to really appreciate the changes me and my family will be going through. It will be special for many reasons, some more challenging than others.  My only son, Philip, is going to be a senior in high school, my husband’s (Phil) business is struggling and I’m going through the dreaded “change”. Being a pretty positive person, I say “BRING IT ON!”.

Some things have already begun “pre” the start of senior year.  It’s called fall sports! Tennis practice and tournaments are underway. Philip is seeded Varsity 4 Singles and is in a good position to do very well, maybe even go to states!! Blended with this activity is Marching Band. There’s pre-Band Camp for the newbees with their section leaders. Philip is section leader of trumpets! Husband, Phil (aka the bald guy), and I chaperone Band Camp every year. We find it so fascinating that some of these kids can actually march and play an instrument at the same time! The band’s half time show is The Big Band Theory, including “In the Mood” (Philip has a trumpet solo), “April in Paris” and “Sing, Sang, Sung”. The football team won the first game, and the band is only going to get better!

Today we have senior portrait planned with hair appointment and 4 outfit changes (and I thought girls were difficult!) as well as preparing for our first (and probably last) ever Labor Day GARAGE SALE!! I swore I would never, but I (we) have accumulated so much stuff that instead of just getting rid of it we thought we’d see if we could make this a family (fun) activity! This is me being positive!

If you happen on to my blog, feel free to share your “change” stories and include any words of wisdom. Like tips for a successful garage sale? Getting through senior year? Accepting change? I’ll keep you posted!!

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