3 Way Pizza

So its been a tradition for like forever that we have pizza on Fridays. I remember asked Philip innocently years ago, “So what do you want for dinner tonight?” (Tonight being Friday) He looked at me, the way a young child looks at his mom when clearly he thinks she has lost her mind, and said, “MOM! It’s Friday – Pizza Night!” So there you have it, every Friday, without fail – it’s PIZZA!

So I wanted to change it up a bit. I’d heard that Trader Joe’s had THE BEST pizza crust. So finally made it to TJ and picked me up some whole wheat pizza dough. We divided the dough in 3 peices and everyone got to make their own – their way. Just layed out a bunch of toppings, and have at it!

My Pizza:

 Sauted pear and red onion with arugula and pesto, topped with goat cheese.

Hubby’s pizza:


Pizza sauce, sauted onions, mushrooms, pine nuts and arugula with shaved parm on top.

He loved it!

And Philip’s pizza – the more traditional – although I did make it healthier by using orgainic chicken sausage instead of pepperoni! HA!

There you go! Three way Pizza!

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Meatless Mondays

Inspired by Meatless Mondays – start each week with healthy, environmentally friendly meat-free alternatives. Cutting out meat once a week, we can improve our health, reduce our carbon footprint and lead the world in the race to reduce climate change.

Enter center stage:

 Salmon with Mango Salsa (recipe right from the package) + quinoa and broccolini. Delicious weekday meal! Yumm!

Presidents Wilson, Truman and Roosevelt galvanized the nation with voluntary meatless days during both world wars. Revitalize this American tradition by cutting out meat (at least) once a week.

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It’s (Almost) Spring in Michigan!

How do you go from this:

To this:

YAY! Signs of Spring in Michigan!!

So, time to do something different! Enter Meatless Mondays! I’ve been dying to make a recipe with tempeh (without anyone knowing!)! Enter ingredients: Roasted vegetables (with tempeh mixed in), couscous and garbanzo beans. Basically just embellished the recipe on the box of the whole wheat coucous and Viola!

Top with Feta – enjoy! Everythings betta with feta! Yum!

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Cloudy with a chance of meatballs!

So what started as a rainy dreary day, turned into a day to hunker down and make some comfort food! Nothing says comfort than good old fashioned meatballs!

Everything in it’s place! Yep! Millie LaRosa’s recipe! HA!

One big meatball?Or a load of meatballs?

All good! YUUUM!

So what started out as a rainy day quickly turned…

before……… and after!

and then, more snow!

but we sure enjoyed the meatballs!

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Sometimes things don’t turn out the way you want, they turn out better!

Traveled back to Alma College to audition for a performance scholarship.

Returned to our new favorite restaurant Francesca’s:

Having fun!

Eating awesome food! My meal, Seafood Manicotti. YUUMM!

 And then the performance! The waiting and result!

Philip received a performance sholarship for the Trumpet and Baritone!! He’s going to be in the Kiltie Marching Band!

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Jamin Java

Enjoy the pictures from our very last Talent Show!

First up this years G.I. Jazz Band! YAH!

And the awesome Max Robinson’s band!

Fun night! Audience loved it!! oxox

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Past week in pictures

More snow and frigid weather was in store for us in spite of what the groundhog saw!

No picnic here!!

Just more shoveling!

Finally, off to Fishbones, Greektown and the Detroit Institute of Arts to complete birthday celebrations:

Great brunch! (and best Bloody Mary!!)

 Sorry Philip!

 Where is the darn entrance to the DIA!?!

Not here!…Here?

 “Fakes, Forgeries and Mysteries” – sorry no pictures allowed 😦

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